3 Most Popular Architectural Styles in Atherton

  • Michele Oravec
  • 12/30/20

A city of renowned affluence, Atherton is home to a variety of architectural styles that all share a single commonality: luxury. Whether it’s the sleek and simplistic lines of modernism or an opulent homage to old-world styles, Atherton real estate offers unique expressions that can cater to any and every preference.

Looking for the perfect place to call home in Atherton? Browse some of the town’s most popular styles and find the residential architecture of your dreams. 

Modern and Contemporary

By and large, the majority of architecture in Atherton has at least some level of contemporary influence. With its close vicinity to Silicon Valley, Atherton is an area where even historic homes are touched by the surrounding innovation and progress.

One facet of this trend towards modern style is rooted in the fact that many homes in Atherton are new-builds. These residences often reflect the inspiring and creative flair of contemporary design: glass walls invite light and establish an airy feel, open and well-defined floor plans blend functionality with beauty, and asymmetrical lines rest in harmony with nature. The status quo is always being elevated in this small, peaceful town, and consequently, homeowners and home builders are finding ways to rise above and beyond.

Greek Revival

Emulating the palatial splendor of Grecian temples, it’s easy to see why the Greek Revival style of architecture is popular amongst residents of Atherton. Tucked into exclusive neighborhoods, these columned homes with stunning elegance and gently sloping roofs stand as proud tributes to symmetry and refinement. The temple splendor of these homes makes them perfectly suited for pairing with verdant gardens and spectacular water features that can turn the residency into an absolute oasis.

French Country

Another popular style of architecture in Atherton that radiates with grandiosity is the French Country style home. These houses—set amongst charming natural scenery—draw heavily on the lavish beauty of old-world chateaux and manors. The style commonly contains ample stonework, natural color palettes, beamed walls, and refined rustic features, and this genteel, ornate combination creates a home that feels born out of a fairy tale.

Atherton is a town dedicated to maintaining its purely residential status, and consequently, the area is replete with well-cultivated and magnificent homes set amongst the stunning backdrop of the California landscape. To find your own slice of paradise in this prosperous city, contact Michele Oravec and check out the homes for sale in Atherton.



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