Why Winter is a Good Time to Sell

  • Michele Oravec
  • 11/29/20

Many people balk at the thought of putting their house up for sale during the winter months. Even in San Mateo’s warm climate, potential homebuyers will likely be staying inside or preoccupied with holiday plans—right? Actually, these are common misconceptions. Here are five reasons why winter is actually the perfect season to sell your house:

Less Competition

Fewer properties are on the market during the winter months, likely due to the belief that winter isn’t a great time to sell or move. This allows your listing to stand out among the many fabulous homes that Burlingame and San Mateo have to offer. 

Buyers Browsing the Internet

Regardless of the season, potential San Mateo buyers will be browsing all the popular real estate websites and apps in search of their perfect home. The holidays can actually heighten this desire in buyers who are excitedly fantasizing about hosting a Christmas party or New Years’ Eve celebration at a new home in the San Mateo area—and they’re likely to see your listing.

More Time Off Work

Along with browsing those online listings, potential buyers will likely have more days off work during the holiday season, which they can use to check out open houses. They’ll also be able to stop by showings with more flexibility.

People Looking to Relocate

During those chilly months from December to February, some potential buyers from out of town may be eyeing the Burlingame and San Mateo areas, hoping to escape a harsh winter. From retired snowbirds looking to plant roots somewhere warmer to families who are sick of shoveling snow, many people will be on the lookout for beautiful homes in a Mediterranean climate.

Serious Buyers Only

If someone is taking time away from their hectic holiday schedule to trek around town looking at homes for sale, they’re serious about finding a house. These are the potential buyers who want to find a home now rather than waiting for spring or summer when the market will become more saturated. Selling during the winter will draw out the serious candidates who have the highest chance of making an offer.

More Cash to Spend

Many of San Mateo’s residents work in the tech industry or hold other corporate careers that hand out end-of-year bonuses just before the holidays. Thanks to this extra influx of cash, potential buyers may have more to spend on a house.

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